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Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

Designs by

Elegant Stitches Heirloom

      Merry Halloween!

    Loulotte & 10" Boneka    

  Picture Smocked Ensembles 


      Halloween Hannah 

  Handmade Petite Raggedy


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    10" Boneka & Loulotte


Bonjour & Welcome Elegant Stitches Heirloom. A petite couture boutique where fine fabrics, Specialty laces, antique ribbons, hand smocking and delicate hand embroidery are incorporated into classic heirloom doll designs. It's all in the details to become extraordinary! My detailed ensembles offer elegant simplicity with fussy touches, so necessary in dressing little girls. My designs are for those who appreciate exquisite miniature heirloom sewing and darling petite accessories for your "Little Women".

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I am currently designing ensembles for Effner 13" Little Darling, 10" Boneka, Loulotte, Bleuette & Rosette.

Gallery of Little Darling Sold Ensembles

Dreaming of Sugarplums

          Trick or Treat!